Do All Dogs Need Supplements?

Pet owners often want to know if their dogs really need a supplement. Many have their dogs on high-end commercial pet foods, healthy homemade diets, or other vet-approved options. They may be very diligent about ensuring their pet gets the nutrition it needs, but that does not mean a supplement would not be beneficial. There are many reasons a dog may have a need for an additional boost.

Refueling Active Dogs

Especially active, energetic pets burn off more than just calories. Their bodies also need a lot of nutrients to help keep them running properly. It is the same reason many professional athletes supplement their own healthy diets when they are training. The assistance dogs get from a supplement can help to keep their energy levels up and their bodies strong.

Helping Sick Pets

Illnesses and injuries require a little extra effort to ensure the body continues to heal. Supplements cannot take the place of medication or proper nutrition, but they do provide the assistance that may make it easier for the medication to do its job. Hurt or sick pets sometimes suffer from a loss of appetite, and supplements also help to replace some of the nutrients they may be missing by not eating properly.

Aiding Older Animals

Senior formula dog foods are designed for use by all pets, but not all animals are exactly the same. These commercial diets do not always meet all of the requirements of every pet. Aging is hard for all living creatures because their bodies do not always work as efficiently as they did during their younger years. Staying comfortable, keeping the brain active and healthy, and remaining more mobile is important for dogs as much as it is for humans. Supplements can help with all of this and much more.

Supplements are not miracle products that heal dogs or make old, aching dogs look and feel like puppies again. What they can do is improve the overall well-being of the animal and promote a better quality of life. Get started adding supplements as soon as possible. Take the time to learn more about Nuvet today.