Paleo Diet Recipes in a Crock Pot

In the interest of trying to live better, people have tried new exercise programs, new diets and other new changes to their lifestyles. The change most often tried is dieting. One of the diets that offer to help the users feel the difference in using it is the Paleo diet. Because the cells in the human body are composed of saturated and unsaturated fats, both are needed for a proper diet to work. The Paleo diet provides a healthy balance of both to the user. In the Paleo diet, a lot of cold water fish is suggested in putting together recipes.

Another ingredient found in a Paleo diet is the presence of Omega 3 fatty acids. This would include foods that come from pasture-fed animals and eggs. In addition to eating the certain foods found in a Paleo diet is the use of a crock pot to cook them. Crock pots slow cook food, ensuring the preserve all the nutrients that those on a diet would need. There are many delicious recipes for those on the Paleo diet to use which would help them to have a healthier life.

One great recipe is the pulled chicken wrap. The chicken is slow-cooked and served on crisp lettuce, or it could be served with vegetables. This same recipe could also be used for pulled chicken tacos, which includes onions, tomatoes, garlic cloves, honey, basil and chili powder. Another recipe is sweet short ribs with star anise and ginger. It cooks in about 6 hours with about 10 minutes of prep time. Ingredients include beef short rib, garlic, honey, red onions and anise.

Moroccan lamb stew is another excellent recipe for those on the Paleo diet. It takes about 8 hours of cook time and a prep time of 10 minutes. Along with the lamb, the ingredients include sweet potatoes, red bell pepper, crushed tomatoes, apricots, clarified butter, and Ras El Hanout spice blend. The recipe found on the website can serve four to eight people. If any people are interested in getting information about the Paleo diet, they can find out more by visiting the website,