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The Keno lottery has been known since ancient China. Centuries have passed and during this time many different game techniques have emerged, including serious mathematical models that study game tactics. What are there keno lotto tips that will help to bring the probability of winning closer for Canadian gambling addicts?

Top keno tips for bringing luck to the game

A few words about what keno. This is a playing field that contains a set of numbers from 1 to 80, from which you need to choose from 2 to 10 numbers for the draw. Each time the lottery reel rolls out 20 balls. If all your numbers and at least a few coincide with the winning ones, you will receive a monetary reward.

Some players have developed their winning secrets and are ready to share them in their keno lotto tips:

  • Start with a game where you are more likely to win. For example, for 4 or 6 numbers.
  • Gradually expand your game options — try 9, 10, or even 2 for a change.
  • If your method doesn't give results for a long time, feel free to change it to another one.
  • If you decide to play for the same numbers — take additional combinations, expanding the boundaries of the hit.
  • Don't forget the multiplier. 10 million will be available only to the lucky one who bets on the maximum.
  • Regularity of the game. The axiom has long been known that only those who buy tickets win.

Also, remember that keno is a game of luck. Much depends only on how the numbers will add up in this game. We wish you these keno lotto tips to help you succeed faster in your game.

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